Operating Model Canvas is both simple and powerful. It provides a simple framework (the Canvas) and some powerful tools (value chain map, organization model, supplier matrix, etc.). I cannot imagine anyone involved in working on organization design or operating models or even process improvement that will not gain a great deal from this easy to read and engaging book.

Michel Berthus, Group Vice President – Head of Quality Management, ABB

Designing a business is a difficult task. Books like Operating Model Canvas help cut through the complexity. It helps you to go one step deeper beyond the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition. This book could be considered as part of a family of books like Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design, Design a Better Business as we need to have conversations around the How. All are landscape. All are easy to read. All are full of tools and case examples. They should all be on your book shelf or the side of your desk.

Patrick van der Pijl, CEO Business Models Inc. and author of Design a Better Business